3 Reasons Why Lion's Mane Lovers Are Switching to Premium Liquid Extracts

3 Reasons Why Lion's Mane Lovers Are Switching to Premium Liquid Extracts

#1 - Fast-acting and Easy to Use

"I kid you not I felt the results immediately. I took some first thing in the morning and brain fog was gone in about ten minutes and I felt so focused it was incredible." - Nicole K

Liquid extracts are fast-acting. You'll feel effects in about 10-30 minutes versus 1-2+ hours with the standard capsules.

Most first time lion's mane users consume it in capsules or get trace amounts of lion's mane added to superfood powders.

With capsules, you need to take a lot to feel it. For me it was 10-15 capsules a day before I noticed anything...

And you're only going to feel it after your body digests all the gelatin capsules and fillers.

The problem with superfood mixes with lion's mane is that they are significantly under-dosed. If the superfood mix had enough lion's mane to actually have an effect, the taste would be overpowering and expensive to produce. So the typical powder barely has any lion's mane inside it.

Although some lion's mane in a superfood mix is better than nothing... Most powders yield little or no results.

Our premium lion's mane liquid extracts are an ultra-concentrated form that's fast-acting, noticeably effective, and safe to use with ZERO fillers of any kind.

#2 - Maximum Potency for Peak Mental Performance

"I’ve tried a lot of other brands because I’ve heard good things about lions mane, but to be honest can say I’ve never really felt the effects until now. Finally somebody is actually really doing what they say with the quality and strength. This stuff is amazing. I have noticed such a difference. My focus is amazing." - Mark A.

In addition to having to take a bunch of capsules to feel it, lion's mane powders have another major problem that makes them the inferior choice.

Lion's mane mushrooms contain tough, indigestible fibers called "chitin" which block your body's ability to absorb the brain boosting compounds that lion's mane is popular for.

In order to reap the focus boosting and memory supporting benefits from lion's mane, the mushrooms need to undergo an extraction process to break down these fibers.

See, most lion's mane powders are simply ground up mushrooms, so they still contain the tough, digestion-blocking "chitin" fibers.

The best lion's mane supplements go through a dual extraction process where the beneficial compounds are extracted for maximum potency.

#3 Fresh, USA Grown Mushrooms 🇺🇸

The majority of medicinal mushroom supplements sold in the US are grown in China and shipped on a long voyage across the sea.

Lion's mane mushrooms are EXPENSIVE to grow at scale. Most capsules and powders use Chinese sourcing because it's cheaper for corporate companies to turn a profit.

The issue with this approach is simply the nature of mushrooms.

Lion's mane mushrooms are grown in extremely humid temperatures.

Lion’s mane is over 70% water by volume (like us humans)... And this leaves room for only a small margin of error in the drying process.

They have to be dried COMPLETELY before they’re shipped across the sea.

If any amount of moisture is left inside before they were shipped - nature’s gift can turn into a toxic poison due to mold and bacteria growth.

To avoid this issue, large manufacturers often over dry their mushrooms which leads to a burnt, sour taste in the extract.

That's why so many lion's mane products contain sweeteners and fillers. So they can mask the taste of bad/burnt mushrooms.

Proper lion's mane extracts should taste naturally sweet, and slightly buttery smooth and fresh! Not sour.

This is why we handcraft every bottle in small batches of 1000 bottles at a time. This ensures our product get's the time and attention needed for the best experience and maximum brain boosting effects.

Our premium liquid extracts have zero fillers, and we've broken down the tough fibers so your body has an easier time accessing the focus boosting and memory supporting benefits that lion's mane has to offer.

How to select a safe and effective lion's mane supplement:

Now you may have seen some of the links to get 20% off our product scattered throughout this article, but in case you haven't yet seen what we have to offer...

Here's what makes our lion's mane extracts one of the most effective lion's mane supplements that you can buy:

1. Advanced Dual Extracted

We use organic cane alcohol to soak our lion’s mane and break down the tough indigestible fibers for a minimum of 2-4 weeks.

Remember, you want the alcohol extraction to extract the cognitive enhancing
 compounds from the lion's mane mushroom cells.

Then we do a low, slow boil in ultra pure water over 12-24 hours to provide a more thorough extraction. This is a step most big companies skip but it's absolutely essential to get the most out of lion's mane.

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2. USA Grown and USA Extracted

We practice what we preach. All of our mushrooms are grown here in the United States and extracted in our Portland, OR facility (formerly Dallas, TX). No overseas shipping, only super fresh mushroom extracts handcrafted with love.

3. Third Party Tested

We regularly send our product samples to be verified by a third party lab. We do this to ensure safety to you, myself, and my family who takes these extracts every day.

We’re in this business to help and heal people and third party testing is an important step to make sure we’re doing good in this world.

4. Fruiting Bodies Only

We do not use “mycelium mischief” in our products which comes with additional fillers. There are only 3 ingredients in our extracts. Ultra pure water, organic cane alcohol, and lion’s mane FRUITING bodies only to ensure maximum potency and effectiveness. ZERO mycelium.

5. Handcrafted in Small Batches

To ensure maximum freshness and the highest quality, we produce our extracts in small batches of 1000 bottles at a time. 

We use black bottles so light does not degrade our potency like the Amber colored bottles commonly used with our competitors liquid extracts. And you can see the difference in color between our liquids and the other competitors.

You can SEE the difference! Lion's mane liquid extracts should be cloudy and yellow.


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Real Customers Getting Great Results and Their REAL Reviews:

You might need to zoom in to read these. We wanted to leave them unedited here so you could see everything our customers have to say! 


Wanna see more reviews? On the next page you'll see hundreds of 5 star REAL reviews to read through :)

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"I can't give enough praise for your Lions Mane tincture. I felt results almost immediately. I am more alert and focused. I have a lot of energy, but do not feel edgy, Lion's Mane will be in my morning routine every morning. Thank you to Luke the Lion!" - Robin m.
"Its my 2nd order and I truly believe it helps me stay focused throughout my day... I feel like I don't have to hunt for names or dates when in conversations, especially when reference to past events. I will continue to use as long as I can...👍" - Nancy K.
"Have been using LionsMane for almost 3 months now and I notice a sharper mind and recall. Better sleep as well. The product is very high quality and the company is top notch! Will keep using it! I thought I was too old to learn a new subject in life but now I'm feeling excited for my next adventure!" - Dale M.
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