How to Dose Your Mushroom Extracts (Comprehensive Guide)

Hey, it’s Luke “The Lion” here with a dosing guide to help you get the most out of your mushroom extracts! We’re going to cover the perfect timing, the ideal amount you should take, as well as some crucial information you’ll need to know on your healing journey.

The most common questions we get are how much should I take, when should I take it, and how should I take it. So let’s dive right in…

How much should you take?

All five of our mushroom extracts are to be used as recommended on our bottles:

Two full droppers (2ml) used 1x daily to achieve the desired effects.

You may increase your dose to increase effects, but you don't have to.

Why would you want to increase your dosage?

If you are trying to address a specific health concern, say, recovering from a hangover and need some extra brain support, or are about to face a particularly demanding mental task, you may increase your lion’s mane dosage all the way up to 3-5x the recommended dosage.

Additionally, you may want to try increasing your dosage if you weigh more than 200 pounds. More body means you have more blood, and more blood means you may need to have more of the mushroom compounds circulating in your system before you feel it.

How should you increase your dosage?

You can increase your dosage by increasing the quantity of doses for the day—say, 2-3x per day. Alternatively, you can increase the individual dosage amount and just stick to one dose per day.

The same guidelines apply to each of our extracts.

Feeling very stressed? You can double or triple your Reishi (Immortal) dose, no problem.

Are you planning a long hike or battling prolonged fatigue? You can increase your Cordyceps dose.

Are you about to fly and expose yourself to airport crowds? You can load up on Chaga (Defend) before, during, and after your travels, etc.

There is no downside to increasing your dose within reason. If you drank an entire bottle at once, the most you'd have is an upset stomach. You’re totally safe to experiment with more or less. You are in control.

When should you take your extracts?

ALL 5 of our mushroom extracts can be used at any time of the day. However, some of our extracts are ideally used at specific times.

Here's the schedule I personally use to get the most out of my mushrooms...

FIRST THING IN THE MORNING (for me, 7 am) - 

2ml of Lion’s Mane Extracts

2ml of Cordyceps Extracts

I take these straight and swallow them because I like the taste.

***There is no need to hold your extracts under the tongue***

If I’m traveling or going into grocery stores that day, I’ll pour a tall glass of water and add:

2ml of Defend (Chaga)

If I train hard in the gym or have chronic inflammation flaring up, I’ll add:

2ml of Healer for inflammation support

To be clear, I’m adding the Defend and Healer to the water. The Defend, Immortal, and Healer have a stronger taste so I prefer mixing them with liquids.

I love the taste of the Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps, so I take those straight, but if I did not enjoy those, I’d add all of the extracts to the water.

MIDDAY (for me 1 pm) - 

2ml of Lion’s Mane Extracts

2ml of Cordyceps Extracts

Note: You do NOT need to consume multiple doses of the lion’s mane or cordyceps to feel the effects. This is my personal protocol and how I feel best. I’m sharing this for a demonstration of the timing, not to push more product. I want that to be clear.

If you’re only using lion’s mane, one dose in the morning OR one dose mid-day would be a perfect protocol for you.

If I was around sick people or am feeling run down, I’m going to double up on the Defend for the day and add: 2ml of Defend (Chaga) to another tall glass of water here.

If I’ve over-caffeinated or it’s a stressful week I might add:

2ml of Immortal (Reishi) to my water here as well

EVENING/PRE-BED (for me, 9 pm) -

2ml of Reishi

Optional (2ml of Lion’s Mane)

Cloudy LM/R

Note: Lion’s Mane increases REM sleep where memories are consolidated. This can lead to enhanced memory support. So you can take some before bed. It’s non-stimulating, so you’re fine to do so. However, I should mention…

REM sleep is where dreams occur. So Lion’s Mane can give you the perception of more vivid dreams. Really, you may just be remembering dreams where previously you were forgetting them.

Personally, I journal my dreams and view dreams as messages from God/The or the universe, so I love vivid dreams. If that’s not you, don’t take Lion’s Mane before bed. Just stick to Reishi. 

How should you take it?

Lion’s mane and cordyceps are sweeter by nature (zero added sugars are included in our extracts) so a lot of people don’t mind taking these straight.

The Immortal, Defend, and Healer are more earthy tasting, and most prefer to mix these in water. Mixing does NOT reduce effectiveness.

Reishi is a hard shell-looking mushroom, Chaga is from tree bark, and Healer is similar to reishi’s hardness, so that’s where the more earthy and bitter taste is coming from. They don’t taste bad, but I’m certainly not going to tell you they taste good straight. I always mix these in water.

Have additional questions?

Hang tight, we're writing a giant article answering over 300 questions about our products we received in a recent survey.

Drop a comment if anything here needs more clarity!

I'm at your service.

Your friend,

Luke "The Lion"

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Looking forward to trying your products , started with lion’s mane will let you know.

Birgit Mains

Luke, thank you so much for offering pure products and for the detailed information. I see results with reduced inflammation, better sleep, and better concentration. I am a believer in the healing power of mushrooms.

Kelley McClure

I just ordered Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi. Will let you know the affects soon!

Brian Sims

Lionamain is awsome .i am a competive shooter i am totally in focus….

Jim Walker

Love Lion’s Mane..
I take it daily. I’m going to try it before bed in hopes of remembering my dreams!


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