3 Crucial Tips For Selecting a Safe and Effective Lion's Mane Mushroom Supplement 🦁🍄

Are you thinking about trying lion's mane mushroom supplements? Maybe you already have, but you're wondering if you've got the most effective product...

While lion's mane mushroom extracts have been used for centuries for their brain-boosting properties, not all lion's mane supplements are created equal. In fact, selecting the wrong lion's mane supplement can do more harm than good.

See, some of the biggest brands on amazon have been exposed for having little to no mushroom contents in their supplements.

Worse yet, a few of the top names in the mushroom industry have failed their bacteria/mold contamination tests...

Although I am not happy about the current reality of the mushroom industry...

I am glad that you're here today so I can share the three crucial steps you'll need to know to select a safe and effective lion's mane supplement...

And in case you’re curious, these tips are coming from someone who’s personally grown THOUSANDS of pounds of lion’s mane mushrooms.

I have years of experience growing lion's mane and creating extracts for my friends and family so I've done a lot of research to bring you today's tips...

Without further adieu, here's the 3 things you need to know before buying lion's mane mushroom supplements:

1. Look For Dual Extractions

First, you may have seen that there are pills, powders, liquid extracts and wondered... What’s the best!?

Let’s be crystal clear:

You do NOT want to consume Lion’s Mane Mushrooms raw.


At least not if you’re trying to eliminate brain fog and get the focus boosting benefits everyone is talking about…

Lion’s mane tastes GREAT but there’s an indigestible fiber in lion’s mane (and in most medicinal mushrooms) called “chitin”, that blocks your stomach from absorbing the brain boosting compounds.

The chitin needs to be broken down and removed from your lion’s mane with an Alcohol and water extraction in order to get the most benefits…

Here lies the problem with most lion's mane supplements:

Most powders and capsules contain dried up lion’s mane which have simply been ground up (not extracted)... The powders often still contain the benefit-blocking chitin.

On the flip side, ALL liquid extracts have at least gone through some form of extraction. And for this reason, liquid lion's mane extracts are typically the most effective way to consume lion's mane mushrooms.

Before you rush over to Amazon to grab the first liquid extract you see, you need to know about a problem with a lot of the liquid extracts... 

Some companies boast about having alcohol-free extracts. On first glance, this may look like a benefit to you, but you need alcohol in your extracts to get the most out of the lion’s mane mushroom.

See, Lion’s Mane contains two major active compounds that result in the benefits that make it so popular for eliminating brain fog:

  • Hericenones
  • Erinacines
  • Without going too deep in the science, you need both compounds in your extract to receive the focus boosting and memory supporting benefits of lion’s mane...

    And here’s the kicker:

    Hericenones are extracted using alcohol.

    Erinacines are extracted using hot water.

    Hot water lion's mane extractions provide some benefits... But the most effective lion’s mane supplements are using a dual extraction with both hot water AND alcohol extractions to ensure a full spectrum extract.

    2. You Want Fruiting Bodies Only

    There is a dirty ploy in the mushroom industry to boost profits and cut costs while intentionally sacrificing quality to the customer (you)...

    I call this trickery, “Mycelium Mischief”.

    Now in case you’re not familiar with how mushrooms grow... All medicinal mushrooms start as spores. Next, the spores mate and they become networks of “mycelium” which grow inside a “substrate” of sawdust and soy hull pellets. When the mycelium is completely full of nutrients, it will start “fruiting” and that’s when the actual mushroom appears...

    The picture below shows the difference between lion's mane mushrooms vs. mycelium. On the left we have a lion's mane mushroom. The picture on the right shows mycelium... In this stage of growth, no actual lion's mane mushrooms have formed yet. There are no "fruiting bodies"...

    Why is this important to you? Well, the majority of clinical studies done on the benefits of lion's mane mushrooms are on the fruiting bodies of lion’s mane (the actual mushroom), not the mycelium.
    There are a lot of companies that include the mycelium (and sawdust + wheat gluten) in their product because they can get more mushroom weight out of crops to extend profits. They can falsely claim a higher milligram dosage of lion's mane per bottle with this approach...
    For this reason, milligram statements in the mushroom industry are not a reliable method for judging potency. So for starters, my advice to you is to select a liquid extract made from the fruiting bodies of lion’s mane only.

    3. USA Grown and 3rd party tested

    You may be familiar with the term 3rd party testing.

    Quick refresher: this is when the supplement company sends off their final product to a lab (that is not owned by the supplement company) to verify that the product is free of contamination and safe to use.

    You DEFINITELY want your lion’s mane extract provider to be third party tested, but the problem with relying on this alone is that it’s too easy to pay those guys off. I know BIG companies that have failed their tests, written a check, and the product is out the door in customers belly’s the next day.

    One thing you can do to reduce your risk of poor quality and unsafe products is to eliminate the root cause of contamination by selecting USA grown - 3rd party tested lion's mane extracts.


    Why choose USA grown Lion's Mane Extracts over imported products?

    The majority (95%+) of medicinal mushroom supplements sold in the US are actually grown in China and shipped on a long voyage across the sea before it’s sold to a corporate factory in the US to be mixed in the products.

    The issue with this approach is simply the nature of mushrooms. They’re grown in extremely humid temperatures. Lion’s mane is over 70% water by volume (like us humans)... They have to be COMPLETELY dried before they’re shipped across the sea and the truth is, the drying process is often rushed due to the growing demand of lion's mane's popularity.

    See, if a TINY bit of moisture is left inside and they were not thoroughly dried before they were shipped - nature’s medicinal gift can turn into a toxic poison due to mold and bacteria growth. This is why the number one side effect reported online with lion’s mane is an upset stomach.

    To be fair, there’s a small part of the population who are allergic to mushrooms and this accounts for some of these reports, however, it’s usually a contamination quality issue due to sourcing in China. Which again, is over 95% of the products on the market. Especially on Amazon.

    How to select a safe and effective lion's mane mushroom supplement:

    As you can see, it's extremely important that you choose to go with a company that holds themselves to high standards when selecting your lion's mane extracts. If you want an effective lion's mane extract, quality is of utmost importance...

    In quick summary, you want to make sure your lion's mane extract is:

    1. A liquid, dual extraction

    2. Made of fruiting bodies ONLY

    3. Third party tested and USA grown

    Now if you've heard good things about lion's mane's brain boosting benefits and you're looking for a quality lion's mane extract that meets these criteria I recommend you tap the button below.

    Here's what makes our lion's mane liquid extracts so special:

    1. They're Advanced Dual Extracted

    We use organic cane alcohol to soak our lion’s mane and break down the tough indigestible fibers for a minimum of 2-4 weeks.

    Then we do a low, slow boil in a special type of ultra pure “Kangan Water” which helps provide a more thorough extraction.

    2. USA grown AND Extracted in Portland, OR

    We practice what we preach. All of our mushrooms are grown here in the United States and extracted in our Portland, OR facility (formerly Dallas, TX). No overseas shipping, only super fresh mushroom extracts handcrafted with love.

    3. Third Party Tested

    We regularly send our product samples to be verified by a third party lab. We do this to ensure safety to you (and my family). We take the products every day. We’re in this business to help and heal and this is an important step to make sure we’re doing good in this world.

    4. Fruiting Bodies Only

    We do not use “mycelium mischief” in our products. There are only 3 ingredients in our extracts. Ultra pure water, organic cane alcohol, and lion’s mane FRUITING bodies only to ensure maximum potency and effectiveness.

    5. Handcrafted in Small Batches

    To ensure maximum freshness and the highest quality, we produce our extracts in small batches of 1000 bottles at a time. 

    We use black bottles so light does not degrade our potency like the Amber colored bottles commonly used with liquid extracts. And you can see the difference in color between our liquids and the other competitors.

    In addition to being liquid dual extractions, USA grown, 3rd party tested, organically grown, and handcrafted in small batches of 1000 bottles only with fruiting bodies only...
    We have a 90 day money back guarantee because we stand by the promise that these are THE MOST effective lion's mane extracts on the market.

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