How to improve your mood when feeling depressed

How to improve your mood when feeling depressed

It’s winter time and for some of us, that means the dreaded winter blues.

There’s just something about that cold air which triggers sadness.

So if you find yourself down…

Or are trying to cheer up a friend or loved one…

I want you to try this simple trick:

In case you don't have time to watch the video... Here's a quick summary:

Walk outside and fix your eyes on the object that’s farthest away from you in your current field of vision.

Or if you’re snowed in just look at your window…

Go ahead and scan the horizon and pick out a light pole, flag pole, or plane…

Whatever you can see that is the farthest away from YOU… Just look at it.

Sounds pretty basic, right?

What you’ll find is that it’s almost impossible to feel extremely depressed while engaging in this activity.

It’s quite shocking actually.

Here’s why this exercise is so effective at changing your mood:

Depression is a contractive state.

In depression, your energy is becoming more and more condensed, which in turn makes you feel heavy.

The focus is driven INWARD. Your energy is concentrated into YOURSELF.

So to counteract the feeling of depression, we want to refuse the body’s temptation to contract and condense into a hard, heavy energetic state…

Looking at the object that’s far away from you forces your consciousness out of your body.

It allows you to focus on something other than you.

And for this reason, your energy naturally EXPANDS.

Your body can not expand and contract simultaneously…

It may pulse in and out like a heart beat…

And you may feel a pull to look away from the far object as the momentum of your depression fights your will to expand…

But I want you to do your best to remain focused and breathe.

I’m confident that you’ll feel some relief, even if just 10%, this WILL make a difference.

Much Love

-Luke “The Lion”

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Hi Luke thanks for this huge peace of wisdom…and it makes perfectly good sense! I will search for mountains! Have a great week.


This is great!


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