I used  my mom as a guinea pig & gave her MUSHROOMS for her brain fog…Here’s what happened:

Last updated: May 07th, 2024

***This is a true account of a real customer’s experience with lion’s mane extracts. Results may vary based on current brain health and underlying causes


Tuesday, May 07, 2024

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Mary, my 69-year-old mother, got lost in our local park a few months ago.

She took her daily walk as usual, and never came back.

Normally, her walks last about 30 minutes to 1 hour… but an hour later there was no sign of her. At that moment, I knew something was wrong.

Worried, nervous, & sweating… like a live turkey on death row for a family Thanksgiving meal... I went to the park and my heart sank to my stomach when she wasn’t there either.

Long story short,  I was scared. My sis & I found her down at the local Wal Mart parking lot dazed, confused, and crying when we arrived.

That scared the living crap out of both of us.

She experienced these memory lapses and moments of brain fog more often, and it started to worry us MORE.

You know, it wasn't just the big things in life like getting lost…It was also the little things.

For example, our mother forgot names, where she put her glasses, and even the steps to our family’s favorite Texas chili recipe. It was painful to see her suffer in silence. Our mom keeps everyone else on track…So I thought.

We’ve looked for something to help, something natural.

You see, her primary care doctor tried to prescribe her medication the size of horse pills with serious vomiting and migraine side effects…

So we decided to try a 100% natural way, we got lucky to find a renowned naturopathic doctor. Dr. Jonathan Maxwell.

Dr. Maxwell understands my mom and suggested we look into natural solutions only. He gave us a list of options to consider, that includes some supplements and lifestyle changes that might help with her memory recall, focus, and even energy.

One thing that definitely caught our eye was Lion's Mane Mushroom Extracts.

I hear this medicinal mushroom extract is good for reducing brain fog and improves memory. My family figures it’s worth a shot, right? Anything to help our Mom get back to her “mentally-younger” self.

Honestly, I am skeptical at first. I mean, a weird mushroom conspiracy? Really? For brain health? Boy, was I wrong.

The website our Naturopath doctor recommends is LionsManeExtracts.com. And at the time of this writing it has well over 1027 five-star reviews and some incredible life-changing emotional stories and real testimonials so we went for it. We figure…the reviews can’t ALL be fake, so we take a leap of faith.

The day the extracts arrive, we are pumped, but try not to get our hopes up.

My mom has tried so many things before, and nothing really sticks. Plus, the whole mushroom thing is a bit out of her comfort zone. The only mushroom she knows about is the one you order as a pizza topping.

Anyways, my mom started adding the Lion's Mane Extract to her morning routine. Just a few drops of the liquid in her morning coffee or Lipton tea, and that's all it took.

It's easy to use. And the best part?... it's 100% all natural.

Now, I can't say it'll work for everyone, but my mom felt a difference in about 1 or 2 days .

She says she feels more awake and sharp. And I notice she keeps up with conversations a lot better, she’s fully present, engaged, and doesn’t repeat herself as much.

The Lion's Mane Extract seems to do something right, it gives her brain a boost. And it’s very noticeable.

What's cool is that it's all from mother nature, so my mom doesn’t have to worry about any weird side effects or anything. It’s like her whole life she’s had a missing puzzle piece in her brain and Lion’s Mane is that missing puzzle piece that completes her. And it's way easier than dealing with meds. Plus she cleared it by her doctor and she can continue taking her prescription medications with no bad or adverse side-effects.

She enjoys her hobbies again, feels more focus and seems to always be “on”..

After about 3 weeks, our mom came back from the walking dead. She is more herself. More confident. More aware. More present.The brain fog thing is a REAL THING and her memory problems are almost a non-issue now.

A month in, and she says how much better she feels overall. Her mind just feels clear.

She keeps up with it, and makes the Lion's Mane extract a regular part of her life now. And you know what? Her friends notice also. They all ask the same question… “What is her secret?”

My mom swears by this Lion's Mane Extract now. She says it's given her back the keys to drive her own life again…not like a zombie-like helpless passenger of her own life. It’s given her more focus & she doesn’t feel confused in conversations anymore.

Which is kind of a weird thing to hear your own mother say but I realize now she’s kept her suffering in silence for God only knows how many years!

Well, this Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract thing is catching on, more and more Americans are giving it a try. If you’re naturally a skeptic like me, you probably wonder… “Is it all just hype, or is there something to this Lion’s Mane Mushroom thing?”

Well, my curiosity to help my mom with an all natural solution led me down the  Lion's Mane Mushroom rabbit hole.I learned they’ve been around for ages, about 500 B.C. These special mushrooms are trusted for their brain-boosting powers in other parts of the world like Asia and Europe. But here in the good ol’ USA, they're kind of a new thing..

I’m so glad I found these Lion's Mane Extracts because it brings this ancient healing wisdom to our modern and always-on-the-go lives. People are starting to take notice.

When our neighbors found out there is a natural way to support their brain health that didn't cost 2 Social Security retirement checks, they were pretty excited. This year, the extract flys off the shelves faster than anyone could have predicted.

It's even run out of stock a couple of times because of the high seasonal demand…especially when allergy season kicks into high gear.

Word spreads fast, all thanks to happy customers who can't stop talking about the sharper focus, no brain fog, and being fully present.. It's not just hype – there's real science behind why Lion's Mane Mushrooms are so good for your brain.

In fact, you don’t have to take my word for it. The legendary Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini’s research into nerve growth factors laid the foundation for what we now know about Lion’s Mane today. Her Nobel Prize-winning discoveries highlight the mushroom’s therapeutic benefits for your brain.

Lion’s Mane Mushrooms are packed with compounds that help maintain, repair, and even grow  new brain cells well into your early 60s, mid 70s, and even late 80s.

And now, thousands of people across the country give Lion's Mane Extracts a try. Don’t believe me?...The reviews speak for themselves, with lots of seniors  sharing their success stories online.

So, if you don’t want to end up lost at a Walmart parking lot…like my mom did…And you want a natural way to give your brain a boost, why not see what all the news is about for yourself? These Lion's Mane Extracts could be just what you need.

Here’s my mom’s miracle in a bottle with Lion’s Mane Extract 4 week report:

“After that embarrassing episode of getting lost in the park, I realized it was high time to do something about my pesky memory lapses and that annoying brain fog. My son, bless his heart, bought me these Lion's Mane extracts. I'll be honest, I was pretty skeptical at first. I mean, mushrooms for my brain? Really? But I suspend my disbelief and gave it a shot.

Let me tell you, about 30 minutes after taking that first dose, something shifted.

It was like I went from experiencing the world in boring reruns of black & white television to seeing a new world in full 3D vivid color! . Everything is now clear. Even my senses of smell and taste improved a little bit. And I wasn’t expecting that. What about the mental fog and the stress that came with it? Gone. I found myself in this state of alertness and concentration that took me back to my college days when I was acing those English 101 exams.

Fast forward to the second week, and I still feel the magic of Lion's Mane.

I was a bit worried it might be a quick fix , but nope! I keep up with conversations, I don’t get lost in my own thoughts, and I just feel more like a sharp version of myself in her early 30s.

By the third week, I am pleasantly surprised to see the benefits sticking around. Lion’s Mane is not a band aid…but more like an upgraded operating system for my brain.

I used to start tasks and then forget what I did halfway through, but now I finish  things off my to-do list like an executive secretary working for Jeff Bezos . My stress levels are down, and I handle  my emotions like a seasoned champ, all without losing focus.

By the fourth week, I think to myself how did I ever live life WITHOUT Lion’s Mane all my life?

My memory hits the mental bullseye every time , and I process  new info like a proud nerd. No, I haven't turned into Einstein quite yet, but the difference is night and day. Plus, I enjoy walks in the park again, without fear of another stranded Gilligan’s Island episode.

…Here’s the CHERRY on Top
In my most recent 30-days…. I hop out of bed each morning, excited to start my day, and feel this mental energy that keeps going like the Energizer bunny commercial!

 My work happiness as an interior designer went from a 6 to a 10!... My job is  more enjoyable than ever, and my clients wonder why am I so upbeat? I tried a bunch of brain supplements before; pills, powders, you name it, but Lion's Mane? I can confidently say, It works for me…and it might work for you too.. From experience of actually using Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extracts,  the product helps me feel more like myself again, and for that, I'm incredibly grateful."

What’s the cost? Is Lion’s Mane Extract worth it?

Surprisingly,  Lion's Mane extract is affordable and is normally priced at $59 per bottle, which might seem like an unnecessary luxury expense  at first glance. But, consider the life-changing benefits it offers. Lion’s Mane Extract gives  incredible value to your life-long brain health. Can you really put a price on your most precious health real estate…your mind?

Best part? There’s a deal going on right now…
The special promotion is: -Buy 2 bottles & Get 2 FREE.- This special offer makes Lion’s Mane 50% off the regular price, which works out to about 0.97 cents per day per serving…we’re talking 1950’s pricing here folks for a hamburger, fries, and a coke all for under a buck!

It's a wonderful chance to try the best-selling Lion's Mane extract at a 50% discount – but only while supplies last. And to guarantee the highest quality extracts with maximum potency, we do limit batches of 1000 bottles on each manufacturing run.

Over the past year, these Lion's Mane Extracts fly off the shelves faster than we anticipate. Lion’s Mane is known to sell out of inventory about 2-3 times a year…once right before summer & once during the Thanksgiving holiday season.

The time to take advantage of the buy 2 get 2 free offer is RIGHT NOW — before it sells out again.

Experience for yourself why thousands of Seniors like YOU reading this now…rave about the science-backed benefits of Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract!

The icing on the cake is the price. If it's still in stock — definitely make sure to get your bottles stocked up like if it’s right before Biblical Armageddon…and Jesus is coming back…before your Lion’s Mane bottle supply is gone. FOREVER.

Update: March 18, 2024 Ever since this advertorial was originally published, there is a lot of "buzz" about the Lion's Mane extract, and sales have surged. While inventory is now dwindling, the "Internet Only Promotion" for the buy 2 get 2 free deal is still available. (This offer is only available while supplies last.) To find out if the Lion's Mane extract is still in stock, click the button below.


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