Could a Fluffy, Brain-shaped Mushroom Hold the Key to Unlocking Boundless Joy?

Could a Fluffy, Brain-shaped Mushroom Hold the Key to Unlocking Boundless Joy?

In this article, we uncover the mood-boosting benefits of lion's mane mushroom extracts

When you first heard about Lion’s Mane, you probably discovered it’s great for focus, memory, and getting rid of brain fog.

While these are the most common benefits that Lion’s Mane users report, Lion’s Mane also provides a hidden benefit we rarely talk about but almost everyone experiences when they try our mushroom extracts.

I’m talking about Lion’s Mane’s ability to boost your mood.

See, Lion's Mane isn’t just a mental performance mushroom; it's God's or nature's gift for our well-being. Compounds within lion’s mane mushrooms, specifically hericenones and erinacines, are believed to stimulate the production of nerve growth factor (NGF).

NGF supports the vitality of brain cells, which in turn can influence our mood. 

📖 Backed by Research:

In a 2010 study, participants consumed Lion's Mane for four weeks to discover if it could boost their mood. The results? A notable reduction in feelings of both depression and anxiety!+

No pharmaceuticals are involved. Just white, fluffy, brain-shaped mushroom extracts turn gray skies blue.

For skeptics, one study is never enough. I got you… One of the more recent discoveries about Lion's Mane is its potential impact on sleep.

A study in 2019 delved into this area, revealing that patients who consumed Lion's Mane experienced noticeable reductions in mood disturbances and significant improvements in sleep quality.+

Just think—better moods all day and sounder sleep at night? That's a win-win in my book!

Let’s be honest: we didn’t need a scientific study to tell us that good sleep and good moods are linked. 😝

But wait, there’s more!

Yet another testament to Lion's Mane's nature-powered mood-boosting capabilities comes from research done in 2018. This study focused on the mood-enhancing properties of erinacines, compounds that are abundantly found in Lion's Mane.

Researchers found that these erinacines might have neuroprotective benefits, potentially safeguarding the brain against mood disorders and other neural challenges.+

*I thought this piggy best represented both mood disorders AND neural challenges😝 

Lion's Manes' mood-boosting benefits are not only about feeling good today; the neuronal support helps nurture our brain health for the days, months, and years to come!

In China, where preventative medicine is the norm, Lion’s Mane has been in families’ homes for centuries and I think they’re on to something… 🤔

Here in the USA, we’re still waiting until symptoms occur to start treating issues. If you look at the health stats of China (and especially the seniors’ health in China), I think it would be wise if we took a note from their book.

Key Takeaways:

Before diving into the scientific literature, I already knew that lion’s mane extracts helped boost moods. I take our extracts every morning myself, and I see reviews come through our website every day like the ones you'll find below:

Wendy Johnson said,

“This has changed my life! After a month of taking the product I can finally get through the day without feeling exhausted. My memory is crisper and my mood has improved tremendously.”

Connie Allicock wrote,

“After one full week, I feel significant mood upswing and more energy. No adverse side affects either. My focus is noticeably better.”

And Danieal Heaton who said, “I have been extremely pleased this far with the tincture. Two droppers in the am and I feel much more productive and clear headed throughout my work day. On extremely stressful days I will also take at night and have noticed less disruption in sleep”

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As you can see, the mood boosting effects have been REAL for myself and countless others, but it’s always nice to see the science backs up our subjective experiences.

The scientific studies referenced in this post are found below if you want to dive deeper into the science. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, let me know with a comment below and I’ll make some more :)

Mush love from,

Luke “The Lion”

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