How We Started

“You have parasites nesting in your brain, Luke”

Those were the haunting words that renowned Harvard lecturer, Dr. Brian Clement said to me as he was reviewing my brain scans.

I knew something was wrong because my gut was in excruciating pain…

I could barely eat or sleep.

It felt like I had swallowed a handful of razor blades that dug into the walls of my intestines every time I ate a meal…

In an attempt to figure out what was causing my stomach pain...

I had every tube and camera shoved down my mouth and probed up my “you know what” to look in my intestines...

They found NOTHING.

The Western doctors failed me.

And over the course of 3 months, I spent the entirety of life savings trying to find the answers to my gut pain...

Sounds like a scary situation, doesn’t it?

Finally, I met the right doctor that was able to identify and help me kill the infection. Eventually, my stomach recovered but a new problem arose.
My brain felt broken 🤕
I couldn’t focus...
And I was forgetting where I parked my car - far too often for it to be normal.
Maybe you’ve felt the same.
Have you ever been talking to someone and keep forgetting what you were about to say as soon as you open your mouth?
Yeah, that's frustrating.
That was happening to me every day.
And eventually I got sick and tired of living in a haze of brain fog and I decided I HAD TO do something...

Long story short, I met a biohacker named Matt Gallant who introduced me to lion's mane extracts.

He showed me studies that proved lion's mane would increase something in my brain called "Nerve Growth Factor" which repairs damaged nerve cells.

I learned that brain fog is caused by weak "messenger cell" communication in the brain... and apparently, Nerve Growth Factor helps correct this issue at the root cause.

I was a little skeptical because I had tried lion's mane before and I didn't really feel anything...

Matt had me take FIVE TIMES my previous dose.

When I did, the lights in my brain turned on.

Suddenly I was able to focus and think clearly for the first time in a long time.

Impressed by the results, I did a little digging into lion's mane mushrooms.

I realized that most Lion's Mane supplement companies are under dosing their customers...

Not only that, but a lot of lion's mane powders and pills are chalked full of "fillers" that are not only diluting the strength, but they're toxic to the human body.

Naturally, I became obsessed with finding the absolute BEST product.

When I realized that very few companies were out there meeting the standards that I believe to be necessary for a great lion's mane experience, I decided to make my own...

But I didn't want to buy large pallets of commercial powders like all of my competitors, so I started growing my own mushrooms.

I met mushroom scientists and created my own little lab to test spores.

I experimented with more than 50 different strains of lion's mane before I chose one.

I needed to make sure the quality was of the highest tier.

At one point I even threw away over $300,000 of mushroom extract inventory because it wasn't up to the high standards we promise and I wanted to make sure the formula was perfect for you.

We started our operations with humble beginnings.

The very first extracts were made on my mother's kitchen stove in Dallas, Texas.

As we started getting our first customers, we partnered with North Texas's Largest Mushroom growers and now we've recently expanded our operations to Portland, Oregon to work with the absolute BEST growers and extractors in the USA.

We will continue to grow as long as you grow with us.

I appreciate you for your time and attention, and thank you for the opportunity to serve you with our products.

Above all, we just want to help you think more clearly.

Thanks for reading.

- Luke "The Lion"